Saving Ol' Glory

Ol' Glory frequently graces my home on patriotic occasions and at such other times as I deem appropriate. I am consummately offended by those who desecrate the Flag of the United States of America. They belittle the principles upon which our nation was founded. They disparage the memory of our founders. They dishonor those who died for Liberty.

More significantly; however, I detest those who would undermine that which is symbolized by the flag of our nation. Liberty. Justice. The Constitution. It was no coincidence one of the first and foremost guarantees of the Bill of Rights was the right of free speech. Throughout history, tyrannical governments have made it a crime to criticize the state, its agents and its policies. Those who desecrate our flag do so in criticism of our government. And no matter how misguided or distasteful we find their actions, those individuals have the right to express their opinion. If it is a crime to be offensive, then Congress should rightly meet behind bars.

The legislature is currently considering an amendment to the Constitution which would criminalize the desecration of our flag. Career politicians who make a living by being popular rather than practical, who derive power at the expense of individual Liberty, and who incessantly chip away at the covenant which created this country, are literally wrapping themselves in the flag for political gain. On this issue, they cannot craft an interpretation of the Constitution to suit their purposes, so they are playing on the emotions of the American people to forge a 28th Amendment to the Constitution which would abridge the Bill of Rights. This is only their first step toward repealing freedom of speech, an act which would render Ol' Glory nothing more than an empty icon.

Governments cannot become tyrannical overnight. The public would not acquiesce. The way to absolute power is to lull the public into believing government is protecting its citizens by finding popular issues with which they can dismantle individual liberties one at a time over an extended period. As the population becomes increasingly accustomed to such infringements, the power brokers become more bold and blatant. Soon, disenfranchised and disarmed, the people are powerless against them.

It is happening in front of our very eyes. We must not tolerate it. Make note of those who support the repeal of free speech. Call them. Write them. Tell them what you think.

Remember them again at election time.

Jack McNally

WIN a FREE Country