A Junkie's Confession

It is hard to believe - and even harder to admit - that I, a mature, level headed conservative member of the business community, am addicted. I have become a slave to some malevolent white powder to the point the doctor says it is affecting my health and my well being.

It started out innocently enough. Years ago, someone close to me recommended I try it. They said I'd really enjoy it, and I did. At first I used it occasionally and in only small amounts. But soon a little wasn't enough. I had to use more and more to get the same effect. Pretty soon I was using it heavily, four or five times a day. Oh, but it was easy to get. You could find it in any tavern, the office coffee bar, even in school lunch rooms. The small packets were easy to distribute, and the abundant supply made it so inexpensive.

It was easy to get hooked. And I did.

So, who do I blame?

Society, of course. It's not my fault. For years my food has been spiked with it. The restaurants push it, bars lace your glass with it. The seas are full of it, and so am I. We're talking SALT. And if you think there is any worse addiction, forget it. I can quit tobacco - no problem, but salt - no way.

Oh, well. If you have to die of something, it might as well be something you enjoy!!!

Jack McNally

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